weight-lossFat loss can be a complicated matter, yet not impossible. With a bit of preparation and dedication, you can be in the best shape of your life!
Whether you are seeking to lose several pounds or hundreds of pounds, or are somewhere in between, you have made the first step in you fat loss journey.
The hardest part before doing anything about a problem, is admitting that you really do have a problem!
The thought of doing cardio usually invokes strong feelings for most people. In my experience most people either love doing cardio or hate doing cardio. There are very few people that are indifferent on the subject. Some love the feeling they get from hopping onto that treadmill and working up a good sweat, while others would rather drive over their own foot just to have an excuse to skip their cardio for the day. Whether you love it or hate it, when it’s time to start getting lean for a show cardio poses a lot of questions for a lot of people.
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Questions about duration, frequency, and what type of cardio is best, flood my inbox every day. Cardio is necessary to get ultra shredded for a show, but you have to get it right. Too much and you’ll be lean alright, but you will also sacrifice muscle to get to that point. Too little and you’ll find yourself on the far left of the stage where you won’t get in the way of the judges ability to see those that got lean enough.